Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day Twenty Two - My First Rocket Launch

June 20th

Today is an Atlas 5 launch. I'm excited to see it, I haven't seen one yet. I even know the best place to go to see it. However, we didn't leave work with enough time to spare to make it to the beach (and we were afraid of missing it all together) so we stopped off in Titusville on the water to watch it go. There were also quite a lot of clouds as well.

Cue major disappointment.

What it should have looked like:

What it really looked like:

Can you even see it?

And two seconds later it disappeared into the clouds, and that was that (well, the rumble did show up but was very unimpressive).

What. The. Heck. (I might have had a few other words as well)

I guess I should have been excited to see it at all but in general I was just overly disappointed. I did find out later that there was another Delta (the largest rocket currently launching) set to launch right before I leave Florida so that may make up for it.

In the meantime here is a really cool video about this Atlas launch, it's pretty short and interesting.

In other news, storms are starting to roll in. Check out these winds as viewed from my condo this evening.