Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day Four - Volleyball and Rap Videos

June 2nd

Saturday was actually a day off for me (before you go la, la isn't life hard, I did work all day Sunday). So I went grocery shopping, got set up, took myself to a dive breakfast place and read books. Then I wandered up to Cocoa Beach pier where a bunch of people from work were playing volleyball.

I don't like playing volleyball, in fact I hate it, but it's fun to watch and I got a few good pictures.






However, the most exciting part happened when an Amateur Rap Video Filming strolled right through our game. Things to note:
- one guy carrying the camera backwards
- one guy with the 1980's boom box in classic gray
- two guys up front lip-syncing
- and the rest of the entourage, there were at least 20, including some really young children with their pants almost to their knees