Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Wedding of Hockey Proportions, and a 'What The Heck'

I love weddings. They are a great time to laugh, celebrate, eat and drink (wahoo!) and in general have a great day. Especially if you didn't have to do any of the planning. 

But for me they also give me time to think about the people I know that are getting married and all the events between my life and theirs that led to this moment. I thought this post would be about the happy couple, but sorry Elizabeth it's mostly about Walter. Partially because I've known him so much longer, and, well, he never thinks I think he's important enough. :)

The oldest picture I have of us playing hockey together is from 2004 (and ironically I'm not even in this picture cause of a broken ankle). This was actually at the Verizon Center played after a Caps game. I have always loved playing with you, despite the fact that you make me look like a slug going through molasses. 

And the fun trips we've had, where you make me ask the hotel from desk for more cookies 5 times a day.
Jimmy, Walter, and Matt in Pittsburgh before a Pens game
I mean you must know we care immensely right? Despite the fact that we have pictures of Michael all over our house? You know, because we borrowed this awesome-sauce picture from your mom:

...and our entire hockey team had t-shirts made so that everyone knew we were members of the 'Walter Bender Jr. Fan Club'.
Matt modeling said shirt
Most of all I am happy with the time that you spend with our kids. Walter and Evan and noodle-stuff, definitely in need of some wet wipes.

And then Elizabeth showed up and you became even happier that you were before. 

At Evan's 2nd Birthday Party, 2010
You even tried to match on Halloween:

But most of all, the fact that the both of you chose Evan to be your ring bearer is the greatest of all.

Rehearsal Dinner

At the Wedding

Anyways, congratulations to you both. I'm simultaneously happy for your marriage and furious that you are moving away. Even if it is for a few years. We can't wait to come visit though (course that might be my stomach yearning for the bakery in Oakmont, haha).

Of all the billions of pictures that I took over the last few days, this one is my favorite. It's ridiculously blurry, and Walter your head got real skinny, but it was the first time you were introduced to the room as husband and wife. And it was amazing.

And now I'm crying. What. The. Heck.