Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Evan's Birthday Party

Sorry I'm just posting pictures of his party now. Life has been busy for sure. We held the cookout on a beautiful sunny afternoon. They were many wonderful people who came, family and friends alike, and many children. I borrowed some more cozy coupes just for the occasion:

The toys were a big hit. As was the very yummy cake made by Sharnelle, there wasn't any left when the party was over.

Then, during all the kid's playing fun, Evan took a header in the driveway. Because his bangs are so long, I didn't notice for a few minutes that he had a huge scrape on his forehead. So between that and missing his nap, he actually passed out in my arms during the height of the party. Poor thing. You can see his boo boo here:

Fortunately, he woke up and recovered enough to open presents, eat cake, and play some more. Especially the piano. He looks like a little Schroeder.

A big thanks to all that attended. It was a wonderful time to share with family and friends. You can see the rest of the pictures here.

Until next year!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Braided Hair, scary slides, and elephants, oh my!

We managed to make it to the Maryland Renaissance Festival one time this year. Evan and I met up with family and friends there. It was a day of many first for him.

First ride on a pony (with Aunt Becca)........................
First ride on an elephant (with Aunt Jessie)........................
First ride on a scary slide (with Mommy)........................ 

For the record, that slide was WAY faster than I expected, and I'm pretty sure we caught air at least once.

I love the Renn Fest, and my favorite part believe it or not is not mac & cheese on a stick or fried cheese curds. It's the hair ladies, I love to get my hair done. Check out the hair that Becca and I had done......

You can see all of the pictures here.

Until next year..................