Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Soccer Starts and Zoey gets a Lollipop

So, Evan is playing soccer. Like the tons of Bucior's before him, and also his Aunt Becca (who had a short career of games before she tried to kick the ball at the same time as another boy, fell down, and never returned).

As you can imagine a group of 4 and 5 years act, well that's how it is. He is on a team with two of his best girl friends from preschool, and there is lots of hugging and giggling and general mayhem. I take lots of pictures and the story they tell is, well, very varied.

Some of the pictures make it look like they are ACTUALLY playing.

 Though the truth is, they spent most of the time being goofballs. Observe.

And then we have Zoey, trying to stay busy with lollipops and her size 1 soccer ball. Usually she gives up and asks Grandma to take her to the playground.

All in all, Evan mostly likes it. And we like anything that gets the kids running around and in general tiring themselves out. Hooray for that.