Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cutting it to the last minute.........

So here I am, 11 pm. I'm doing thank you cards, waiting for my husband to finish his take home exam so we can finish the discussion on baby names (for both a boy and a girl), making sure the bills are paid for the next couple of weeks, and packing the last minute stuff for my hospital bag. Oh, and blogging apparently.

And I am leaving at 6 am to go to the hospital.

Holy moly.


Shuttle Woes

So the shuttle Endeavor launched for the last time this week. That means there is only one left to go.

And so here I sit, a sorry excuse for an Aerospace Engineer. I mean, what was I thinking waiting until the last minute to try and see one of these things? I hang my head in shame.

I had considered buying tickets for the launch that just happened, and maybe taking the train (?) for like, a billion hours to get there. Doctor said I couldn't fly at that point in my pregnancy. Guess it's a good idea that I didn't, since I doubt it would have been good idea to try to get to Florida 3 days before my scheduled 'pluck the baby out' appointment.

So now, I'm waiting for the final date to be determined, currently they say it will be mid-July. I'm hoping it gets pushed back a little longer so I can figure out how to get down there with two kids. Even if I can't get viewing tickets, I will be able to see the shuttle from any beach down there, and I have tons of family I can visit.

Maybe my friend Becky will come with me. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sonograms and Such

As if today, I have 20 days until my due date (and only 17) days until my scheduled c-section unless I go in to labor before then. I can't believe the time has gone by so quickly. And lately Evan has really been getting in to a routine, and I notice more and more the things he can do by himself. Which makes me think, oh my gosh what were we thinking? :) But I can't wait to hold a brand new baby, and for Evan to be a big brother. I think he is pretty excited too.

We still don't know if I am carrying a boy or a girl, but here is a 3-D picture taken two weeks ago. One thing is for sure, this child is definitely a sibling of Evan (compare to the pic at the top of this blog).

Patiently waiting.