Friday, December 11, 2009

Verizon Mathematical Stupidy

So I just had to write this down before I forget the phone call I got today. On my cell. From an 877 number. Turned out it was Verizon Wireless (just for info they had sent me a *free* text message yesterday saying I was getting close to my limit - we do not have unlimited texting).

So the operator was calling to talk to me about my current plan (I could hear someone in the background saying the stuff so I'm assuming he was training). Basically after fumbling around on our account he comes up with these numbers (we have two cell lines):

First line: 131 texts
Second line: 28 texts
Total this month: 159 (and the month ends in 4!! days)
Our free limit: 200

Our current plan: $69 + 6 for texts
He proposes: $99 to included free texting

So I say "You are asking us to add $24 to our bill?? In case we can't keep to 40 texts in the next 4 days??"

He was pretty quiet.

I also told him they need to do a little more math before they bother calling me in the middle of the day.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Haircut!

Finally took Evan for his first haircut. I was reluctant, I knew when it was over he wouldn't ever look like the baby he was. He would from now on be a little boy. :( He was an absolute angel, especially since the lady let him hold a balloon during the whole process.



He was rewarded with dinner at Chick Fil A. We also got pictures done, so all in all a productive night.

But I miss the fly away hair...........

Monday, October 19, 2009


Originally submitted at UncommonGoods

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Hilarious and Informative!

By Leebah from Sykesville, MD on 10/19/2009


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This book was a great follow-on to "What's your poo telling you?" I bought both for my sister's birthday, but I had to read them before I gave them away. Hilarious!


Friday, October 9, 2009

For the Love of Fall and a big Pooh

I love this time of year. It feels crisp outside, the sky is blue, the clouds all different shapes and sizes. Leaves are starting to change, and some are already falling, leaving that wonderful crunching sound beneath your feet. I thoroughly enjoy cooler weather (and I get a little frustrated when people insist on already saying 'It's cold!') Shut it people, winter will be on us soon enough and you can save your gripin' for then. For now, please let me enjoy the wonderfulness of fall.

I struggle with explaining to people every year that cold does not always equal unhappy to everyone. To me mostly cold = refreshing. Can you tell I'm not a summer person unless I'm in a pool or the ocean?

I own a very large stuff Winnie the Pooh, a very dear friend gave it to me years ago. I decided to use it as a 'growth' chart for Evan. I took pictures of him with it every month, later I will put all twelve together in some fashion. For now here is the beginning to end. :)



Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Couple of random things that I don't want to forget about Evan when he's this age.

* He loves cell phones, when he gets one in his hand, he wings it up to his ear and starts talking out load. Then he switches to the other ear. (Guess he doesn't want to wear them out). But even funnier are the other things he uses as phones, usually tv remotes, but one time my deodorant.

* He doesn't say many words, most of his verbal stuff is descriptive --- oohhh, aaahhh, ooooos, something like that. And they are hilarious.

--- He farts loud, looks at me, Oh!.

--- He drops something on purpose, oooohh.

--- And when you pick him up (he's over 26 pounds already), he says uhhh, like he's the one doing the work.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Frustrations

This will be my first "WHOHOO, DAMMIT" entry. It is not my original idea, I pay homage to my friend with the reddest hair. She has wonderful ones, my favorite one from memory being something like WHOHOO: We made yummy cookies tonight. DAMMIT: The dog got on the table and ate them all.

So here goes.

WHOHOO: Someone at my work hipped me to the fact that we could access So I could see people's updates, but skip the junk (and facebook is blocked otherwise so yea!).
DAMMIT: That person had discovered it from a post made on our own 'facebook-like' posting board here at work. Well that posting board is run by the people in IT, so after 4 days of fun, lite is no longer.

Maybe I will post these from now on with labels more to the words I use daily. Maybe.....


or something like that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Whole Year!!

365 days ago, our son was born. It still is hard to believe. Now he is a walking (wobbly), talking (okay only he knows what he's saying) small person. Who steals my Capri Sun and sucks it down when I'm not looking. Who holds the cell phone up to his ear and talks out loud to who knows who. Who says "bwoons" to his birthday balloons. Who claps to himself for random things.

Here he is at his birthday party, the do-rag only lasted a minute.


Evan went through his first real sickness week ago, some summer virus thing, that came with a high fever, followed by an all over rash. And his first throw up, all over me. Yuck. To top it off he started to get his molars, so he was beyond miserable. We took this picture during all of this, and he had fallen asleep on mommy's chest so he was all sweaty. Just looks a disaster. The picture does not do him justice. :)


We also stopped at Rehoboth Beach for the day over the Labor Day Weekend. He was having a great time crawling around in the sand until a wave snuck up the beach and soaked him. I got a picture not long after this, it is a favorite of mine.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growing up Quickly

Evan is growing fast. He will be a year old in less than a month. I can hardly believe it.

Today he took two steps on his own, although he thought that once he was standing on his own, it was more fun to dance than to walk, so we will see how it goes. Matt and I are constantly amazed at the things he picks up, and how quickly he changes from day to day. And we are constantly chasing him too :).

Matt took this picture a few days ago in our front yard. He hardly seems like a baby anymore.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Top-Heavy Boy

I'm convinced that poor Evan will be plagued by his big head (it is a Bucior head after all). He was sitting on the couch with Daddy watching game six, and he kept trying to peer over the edge of the couch on to the floor. Needless to say, after three close calls (and I mean nose an inch from the floor before daddy grabbed him, like the chick in Bring It On), he finally managed to fall on his noggin when we weren't watching. I mean, he's like the reverse of a weeble wobble.

Remember these?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh the pretty jellies

I just finished my photography class last week, Crafting the Photograph, designed to help me learn how to use my SLR camera. It was wonderful, and I learned so much. (I also learned there is so much more to learn, grrrrr.) I met some great new friends as well.

This jellyfish is a picture I am particularly proud of, taken at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. We visited with some family, and Evan seemed to think it was pretty neat. I took this photo on manual mode (meaning I had to make some decisions). Although it could use some touching up in Photoshop, overall I think it came out well. Their new jellies exhibit is pretty neat.
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My first Mother's Day

Evan made me a picture frame at daycare for my first Mother's Day present ever (it appears he had help since he didn't come home with glue all over his hands). It feels great to be a mom, although so busy at times I can't think, I wouldn't trade it for anything. And I'm excited thinking that it will get better and better.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I can't believe I'm already slacking on something I've hardly started. Boo! My hopes are to keep people updated with what is happening in our lives, so I'm going to try harder to keep up.

Evan turns 8 months old in 8 days, I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. Here is a picture taken a few weeks ago by Matt, in his cool new floppy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1st E-man Blog

Getting the blog started. Here's Matt and Evan at Matt's first game back on the ice (about 2 weeks old). Very tiny, and not too excited to be there. Check out the Nordiques onesie.

Then you can see us at my first game back, a bit bigger. He does love to hang out in the locker room.