Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Frustrations

This will be my first "WHOHOO, DAMMIT" entry. It is not my original idea, I pay homage to my friend with the reddest hair. She has wonderful ones, my favorite one from memory being something like WHOHOO: We made yummy cookies tonight. DAMMIT: The dog got on the table and ate them all.

So here goes.

WHOHOO: Someone at my work hipped me to the fact that we could access So I could see people's updates, but skip the junk (and facebook is blocked otherwise so yea!).
DAMMIT: That person had discovered it from a post made on our own 'facebook-like' posting board here at work. Well that posting board is run by the people in IT, so after 4 days of fun, lite is no longer.

Maybe I will post these from now on with labels more to the words I use daily. Maybe.....


or something like that.