Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Whole Year!!

365 days ago, our son was born. It still is hard to believe. Now he is a walking (wobbly), talking (okay only he knows what he's saying) small person. Who steals my Capri Sun and sucks it down when I'm not looking. Who holds the cell phone up to his ear and talks out loud to who knows who. Who says "bwoons" to his birthday balloons. Who claps to himself for random things.

Here he is at his birthday party, the do-rag only lasted a minute.


Evan went through his first real sickness week ago, some summer virus thing, that came with a high fever, followed by an all over rash. And his first throw up, all over me. Yuck. To top it off he started to get his molars, so he was beyond miserable. We took this picture during all of this, and he had fallen asleep on mommy's chest so he was all sweaty. Just looks a disaster. The picture does not do him justice. :)


We also stopped at Rehoboth Beach for the day over the Labor Day Weekend. He was having a great time crawling around in the sand until a wave snuck up the beach and soaked him. I got a picture not long after this, it is a favorite of mine.