Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Musings


I just can't stand the word "Chillaxing", especially when it's uttered by a middle-aged engineer at work. I mean really, are we living in Cancun? :-P


I'll admit when I walk through the food court at the mall, I love when they are always giving out the samples on toothpicks, mostly of bourbon chicken. Usually I grab them, but it doesn't normally affect what I eat/don't eat. However, the other day I grabbed a toothpick with a piece of cheesesteak, it was chicken, ranch, onions and melted cheese. Holy heck it was good! It actually sucked me in to getting one for lunch (which ironically was okay, not great). Matt couldn't believe it, as I am definitely not a sandwich person. So those toothpick people actually do bring in business apparently.

As an added bonus, when we sat down to eat, a friend of mine was at the table right next to us, so we asked her to join.


There are sad things in life, people sick, hurt, abandoned puppies, etc. But sometimes it is the bizarrest things that make you sad. Like that old IKEA commercial about the lamp that they put out to the trash in the rain, and replaced with a new one (directed by Spike Lee apparently).

A while ago I was at a stop light and there was an abandoned pudding snack pack cup in the gutter, unopened. I felt sad for that poor snack pack that would never provide it's greatness with someone. Not that I would have dug it out of the gutter, but really? I sound like Adam Sandler, but was is it about snack packs that are so great? They aren't even very expensive, though it does seem to get harder and harder to find ones that aren't suger-free. Blech. I tried to get a picture of the lonely snack pack, which would make this post so much more exciting, but I was too far away.

(side note: I drafted this post the other day, but went grocery shopping last night, totally bought chocolate pudding snack cups. mmmmmm)