Friday, September 21, 2012

Guns in Columbia

So, we went to happy hour last night with a few people from work, one of whom is here from out of town. I knew that the view from Union Jacks (uh, Little Patuxent Parkway) wouldn't be nearly as good as when we were in Cocoa Beach, but what can you do.

Except, you can watch guns get drawn.

I saw three young guys hanging out in the median strip, they had previously walked by the outdoor patio where we were eating on their way down the hill across the road. Two seconds later, a police cruiser pulled up next to them and the officer jumped out, gun drawn. This was closely followed by two other cruisers on the other side, two more guns drawn.

Police. With guns drawn. In Columbia.

The boys hit the deck. They were quickly handcuffed, and what appeared to be a gun was plucked from the one guy's belt.

Meanwhile, a biker happened by, and the rider didn't even stop eating his sandwich as he pedaled on and watched this unfold. And then another biker wheeled by, toting a weed whacker on his back.

Columbia is a weird place.

Turns out one of the restaurant patrons a few tables away saw the 'gun' in the kids waist band, and called the police. It must not have been an actual gun because they eventually uncuffed the boys, but they did put it in an evidence bag and threw it in their car.

Truthfully what we were waiting for was the arrival of one of the mother's, screaming at her hoodlum son and waving a purse as she got out. Oh well, you can only have so much excitement I suppose.

Take time to notice the guy across the street by the stop sign. He was yelling at the officers, trying to talk to the boys, and taking pictures with his cell phone.

Must have been a lawyer.