Friday, October 9, 2009

For the Love of Fall and a big Pooh

I love this time of year. It feels crisp outside, the sky is blue, the clouds all different shapes and sizes. Leaves are starting to change, and some are already falling, leaving that wonderful crunching sound beneath your feet. I thoroughly enjoy cooler weather (and I get a little frustrated when people insist on already saying 'It's cold!') Shut it people, winter will be on us soon enough and you can save your gripin' for then. For now, please let me enjoy the wonderfulness of fall.

I struggle with explaining to people every year that cold does not always equal unhappy to everyone. To me mostly cold = refreshing. Can you tell I'm not a summer person unless I'm in a pool or the ocean?

I own a very large stuff Winnie the Pooh, a very dear friend gave it to me years ago. I decided to use it as a 'growth' chart for Evan. I took pictures of him with it every month, later I will put all twelve together in some fashion. For now here is the beginning to end. :)