Friday, December 11, 2009

Verizon Mathematical Stupidy

So I just had to write this down before I forget the phone call I got today. On my cell. From an 877 number. Turned out it was Verizon Wireless (just for info they had sent me a *free* text message yesterday saying I was getting close to my limit - we do not have unlimited texting).

So the operator was calling to talk to me about my current plan (I could hear someone in the background saying the stuff so I'm assuming he was training). Basically after fumbling around on our account he comes up with these numbers (we have two cell lines):

First line: 131 texts
Second line: 28 texts
Total this month: 159 (and the month ends in 4!! days)
Our free limit: 200

Our current plan: $69 + 6 for texts
He proposes: $99 to included free texting

So I say "You are asking us to add $24 to our bill?? In case we can't keep to 40 texts in the next 4 days??"

He was pretty quiet.

I also told him they need to do a little more math before they bother calling me in the middle of the day.