Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day Seven - More testing

June 5th

The view from my balcony this morning. It was beautiful.

Off to work. One of the spacecraft was running comprehensive performance testing, while the other one was in a Mission Sim. For those we power the spacecraft up from here in Florida, but then the Ops team takes over testing from their MOC in Maryland. They spent the say simulating the period right after launch, making sure that all of their processes and connections are working right.

Me at work:

And Ben:

My favorite part of the day is video chatting with my family back home. It's always a little bit crazy on their end.

Sometimes there is no one:

Sometimes it's just me and Evan:

And then I get Matt and Zoey (being tickled in this photo).

I miss them bunches. They will be here in a week though!!