Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day Sixteen - My Babies!!!!

June 14th

The day has arrived! Matt and Peggy and kids got up at 5 am to grab a flight down here to visit. Off to the airport to pick them up again. While I was waiting for their plane to land I noticed that the launch board at the Kennedy Space Center Shop has RBSP listed. Whoooo! (Sorry for the glare)

Once they landed, Matt called and said both kids were asleep so they were going to wait for everyone to unload. I'm waiting right outside the one security station for them to get off the train from the terminals, imagining a tearful reunion with Evan, oh I can't wait.............

And then I get a call from Matt, 'where the heck are you? we are by the Disney store.'

Sigh, I was waiting at the wrong security side. I find them wandering through the big atrium. Evan is a little shy when he sees me, but pretty soon he hugs so tight, oh how I have missed this. And then I look at Zoey, I swear she has grown two inches since I last saw her two weeks ago. Amazing that little beautiful girl is. And she loves me again without skipping a heartbeat.

Here we are waiting for the luggage.

Off to Cocoa Beach! Evan is very impressed with Mommy's big Jeep Laredo rental vehicle. And everyone loves the condo when we get there. Though later Evan doesn't like the tile floor so much after he slips and bruises the entire side of his face. We'll just skip that story. :-P

While Evan was sleeping off his injury, Peggy and I took Zoey down to the ocean. Both of my kids love the water, no matter what temperature, weather, anything. Just look how happy she is: