Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day Seventeen - Kennedy Part two

June 15th (still)

After the playground, well, Evan was pretty much spent. All we had left to look at was the rocket garden, so we tried to make it quick.

Real quick though, I forgot to put these slide pictures in. :)

 The rocket garden:

Evan on the Apollo Gantry

Zoey tapped out again

Sarah and Evan in the Apollo Capsule

Peggy and the NASA Meatball

After the visitor's center, we grabbed dinner then headed down to the beach. Everyone was in a much better mood.

I'm not drowning him, I swear

Then we jumped in the pool!
That evening while looking out our balcony at all the cloud cover, the sun was going down and turned just one of the clouds pink (and it only lasted a minute or so). This picture doesn't really do the colors justice, it was absolutely beautiful.

So an exhaustive but very fun day came to a close. Phew.

Oh, and here are the two pictures I bought at Kennedy, just couldn't resist.

Evan saw this and said "Where's my rocket Mommy?" Guess I'll be visiting the gift shop before I go home.