Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day Twenty - Squeeze Goodbye

 June 18th

Oh boo, it's time for everyone to go home (and me to go back to work, double boo, well maybe just a half a boo because I really do like what I do, obviously).

So we packed, ate breakfast together, and took a quick visit to the Dinosaur Store. Okay, um, we lasted about 5 minutes with Evan near fossils that were priced at $3,000. They did have a teeny kids area, but, goodbye. Phew. (Though they did have some beautiful earrings, might have to go back by myself later!)

Off to the airport. Evan is growing up so much, he insisted on pushing Zoey's stroller with his backpack firmly on. And he would push your hands off the handles if you tried to help steer. Fortunately Zoey seemed to like it.

I don't have a picture that conveys it well, but here they are waiting in line.

I got them to security then I said my goodbyes. Lots of squeezy hugs from Evan, I will miss them all so much. See you in a few weeks!

Oh and bonus, I got home after work to discover that the cleaning people had come. Whooooo! And they put all the random stuff on the dresser that had gotten left behind, poor Zoey might be missing her princess for awhile.