Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day Seventeen - Zoey disappears; Kennedy and the Kids, Part One

June 15th

First thing to notice is that how ever large the bed (King in this instance) Zoey will force Matt over to maybe a foot of space for himself. It's amazing what that little 18 pound girl can do.

And before you say, 'Uh why is she sleeping in the bed?' I will tell you that she was sleeping on a crib mattress on the floor to begin with. But then I woke up at 2 am to check on her..........


Gone. Like didn't just roll off the mattress on to the floor, like I didn't see her at all. I woke Matt up and turned on the lights. Where is Zoey?!?

And there she was, completely underneath the bed, way up by the headboard, fast asleep. She didn't even wake up when I had to get down on my belly to drag her out. 

(Becky I thought of you and the story you told me about the other people that also couldn't find their sleeping child because of this same thing so phew.)

So after that little bit of excitement, we were off to the Kennedy Space Center for the day.

Evan on the front of the bus

Mommy and Evan at pad 39A

Peggy and Zoey go in to see the shuttle rocket engine


Who cares about the awesome Saturn 5 picture behind me? I've got a VW bus.

Evan in front of the original mission control center equipment

Could I be an average Apollo astronaut? Nope, no dog. :)

Right after lunch, Zoey threw a fit in the Saturn 5 building (she was tired) and just laid down on the floor.

Evan with the astronaut bus (and his own bus)
 Need to cheer up your child? Just fling her in the air towards the rocket engines.

Evan touching a moon rock

Sarah, Evan and an astronaut who had to be sweating his 'ears' off
New Horizons poster on the wall of launches at Kennedy at one of the exhibits
At this point it was hot, and the kids were getting tired so we got ice cream and went to the kids playground. In a stroke of genius it was outside but covered with a very large dome tent so kids could cool down and have a great time. And it was large enough for adults to go through as well. See?

Everyone's happy? What,  you're tired? But we aren't done yet................:)