Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day Six - FAMOUS! and Dinner with an Old Friend

June 4th

Off to work again on Monday. One of the lab's photographers is down here with us, and helps to document our process both inside the cleanroom where the spacecraft are, and outside where the control room is. (He is also running yoga nights down here as well, so that's an added bonus). There is a picture selected everyday for "RBSP Picture of the Day"; it is both distributed internally and featured on our facebook page ( to follow).

Randy and I were featured today. Ah, fame.

And a super added bonus: I was able to have dinner with a friend from high school that I haven't seen since the spring of 1994. It would have never happening without facebook, and I'm grateful. We spend hours and hours talking, since this was our last chance. She left Florida the next day with her three children to join her husband in Hawaii where he is stationed for the next three years. What a perfect overlap.

(She has the picture we took together so I'll post it when I get it from her).