Monday, June 11, 2012

Day Nine - A visit to the Brew Pub

June 7th

Who doesn't like a good brew pub? I mean, with this cheery little sign outside you are compelled to go inside (plus it was pouring buckets outside.)

Kate likes the Brew Pub, plus she also likes their hula hoop.

I, however, turned out to be less enthralled. They only had beer (which I don't like, I know, I know it's a BREW Pub). No problem, except they didn't even have ICE so I was left with drinking warm water. Oh well. The highlight of the evening however was the dry rub wings that we ordered from next door. Not a total loss.

So I was the first to leave, but mostly because I was expecting my first set of Condo de Bucior guests that evening. Whhhoooo!