Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day Eighteen - Baby Sea Turtles!

June 16th

I also forgot this picture from the day before. I discovered that Evan had got into my foundation (I thought his face looked a little powdery). I'm assuming this was to try to cover up his gigantic bruise on his face.

Today was a day for the beach. Packed up and off we went. And boy was it windy.

Jess was drawing pictures in the sand to send to her kids.

Grandma and Zoey

Family Picture

Is this NOT the greatest photo you have ever seen?

 Then we took the kids down to Jetty Park to see the cruise ships leave.

And to see baby sea turtles!

After that we went to dinner at Fishlips, to meet up with my cousin David and his family. We hadn't met their one year old son Ethan, they had never met Zoey, and I couldn't wait!! As predicted, Evan loved him, his fascination with babies and young children just makes me so happy.

And Zoey was hamming it up.

Finally Evan was excited to see the plastic alligator outside. Who knew. :)