Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day Twelve - Goodbye to some, hello to others!

June 10th

Becky and Dan's last day before heading to Orlando, so we went swimming again in the morning. Here is the bathing suit shot I like the most, haha:

So we might have gotten a little bit more sun that day than before. Should have worn a hat. :)

In the afternoon we jetted on down to Jetty Park (huh huh) so we could see the cruise ships leaving port. They have a very cool fishing pier and we managed to see quite a few young sea turtles swimming among the rocks.

Some pier shots:
Becky and Dan

The public beach at Jetty Park and Ron Jon Resort in the background
Young Sea Turtle

Waiting for the ships to come

Carnival Sensation

The backside - lots of waving from people onboard
 So once the ships went off to sea, I got in my car and jetted to the airport. Goodbye to Becky and Dan, hello to Jeff and Jess.

Oh and I finished off the night with a video chat with the kids, especially love this shot of Zoey. Can't wait until they arrive!