Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day Eight - In which I find a new way home.

June 6th

 After many days of coming to work and home again, I wasn't that thrilled with my travels. The travel over the causeways past Port Canaveral are pretty cool, I enjoy seeing the giant cruise ships (especially Disney ones!). But the travel up Route 1 is really depressing.

(well except the part where I saw these signs, apparently my uncle is running for Brevard County Circuit Court Judge!)

 So now I travel up through Merritt Island, and take the public road around Kennedy Space Center. It might be a little longer but is so much nicer, and especially exciting for me because I have never been down here for work before. I don't get to see the VAB on a daily basis.

Here are some of the sights:

The drawbridge slowed me down one day for a sailboat.

The sign to remember to turn here for Astrotech:

The actual road I work on (for my New Horizons peeps):

Left work late last night and caught this view:

Leftover solid rocket boosters in a storage yard: