Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Merry Christmas

I have so many pictures from Christmas, and it was very busy and flew by quickly. Not to mention we had a few of us fighting colds and such so it wasn't really the 'rest and relax cause we are off of work' that we all imagine in our heads.

But there was this.

This is the Christmas tree at  +Jessie's house where we were on Christmas Eve.

At one point during the evening, I was sitting in the chair with Evan looking at the tree. I noticed one of the ornaments was a cloth unicorn that my mother made many years ago, with sparkly string purple mane and tail, and a gold threaded horn and bridle. I was explaining to him that Grammie made that many years ago when I was young.

"When you were little girl?" he said.

"Yup, and now I'm grown up" I replied.

"And now you're a mommy" he said.

And now I am. Of two really wonderful children.
Not the greatest picture, I'll have to get a better one at some point.