Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks Mom

There are many things I have learned from my mother. How to enjoy the outdoors. How to make ornaments out of flour dough and bake and paint them (my friends had a blast once when we all did this one day. My Christmas tree actually has a teddy bear that I made when I was about 10). How to swim. How to put up with my younger sisters. How to embrace my newly found older sister into our family like she had always been there.


How to make soup broth disappear. Seriously. My mom is famous for making delicious turkey stock, with celery and pepper and leftover turkey bits. And then she adds too many noodles, every time. And the broth just disappears, sucked up in to noodle-neverland.

Yesterday I came home with some turkey stock she had made. I heated it up, added a few MORE cups of water (cause it looked thick), and then some spaghetti noodles. I love noodles. Apparently too much.

Behold, I bring you turkey spaghetti.

And you know what? It was flippin' delicious.