Thursday, January 10, 2013


She beat me. My youngest sister by 8 years got her Master's Degree before me. Sigh. I am only one class (design project) away though. I'm. Just. Having. A. Hard. Time. Getting. Started.

But, I am very proud of her! And the graduation was so great!

Well it wasn't really great, cause all graduations pretty much stink; they are long, drawn out, and you are only there for about 10 seconds of excited-ness for your student. And despite that, when I'm finished I will want my family to sit there for me too. Prepare people.

Jessie (slightly out of focus, but this was the best I could get)

Ah, much better.

Mom, Jessie, and Dad

Matt, Jessie, and me

Poppa Lance, Jessie, and Lance  (and notice Jessie's flip flops)

Jessie and Erin
(you can see the full-size picture here)