Friday, April 16, 2010

Malarkey, Medifast, and me

I've started a diet. I know, I know, that word usually makes the people I live with run screaming for the hills. I tend to get a *little* grumpy when deprived of the things I love. I mean, I love food. Not because I get depressed, don't know what else to do, or all of those other stupid things they show on TV. I love it. Steak is yummy. Lobster, mmmm. Pasta, please I could live on mac n cheese for the rest of my life.

But there are many reasons I need to lose weight. And I feel if I throw them out there it will help motivate me more.

- Better health all around
- I want to have another baby and I would have a better chance of doing it au naturale if I am in better shape
- I just don't look hot in a bikini right now. You're shocked right?
- Want to start riding horses again, and right now it's just not fair to those poor things
- Play better ice hockey. (okay I know it's possible I'm just as crappy with a skinnier body but I should at least have better stamina)
- Becca's wedding is in a month, and I'd rather not be the heaviest I've ever been in a bazillion pictures

So I started on Medifast Sunday. I figured something that doctors support and helped Coach Freidgen (Maryland Football gigantor) lose 100 pounds was worth a shot. The first 3 days were MISERABLE as my body transferred from burning all the carbs I usually eat to burning fat. I faltered the second day, we went to softball and the hot dogs and nachos were too much. But I threw half the nachos away, so that's a bonus.

So I'm still going (day 6 already). I'm going to say my starting weight is X. I didn't weight myself until Tuesday but I figure I couldn't really have lost much since Sunday (uh nacho disaster?) As of last night, I was down 10 pounds. But I'll give that a +/- 3 pounds cause everyone's weight fluctuates a bunch during the day.

But oh cheese and crackers I do miss you so................