Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My kid can swim like Michael Phelps, wait what?

My kids need swimming lessons. And I kept forgetting to sign them up. Finally inquired, and Shoot! they start this week. So I sign up Evan one day ahead of time and then Zoey..........but they don't have the time I need so I have to sign up her for the one that starts in........

......wait for it..........


Mad dash to finishing paying, get her in her bathing suit, in the car, to the gym, and in to the pool. And it's kinda controlled chaos there. Two instructors in the pool, about 8 kids all holding hands jumping in a circle in a pool that looks way too deep for Zoey and I wonder if I've made a mistake.

Eh, whatevs, I just deposit her on the steps and one of the instructors grabs here. This is how Michael Phelps started right? Did I mention that this is THE Michael Phelps school? Oh dear........

But she hangs in there, looks a little scared but not enough to get out of the pool. She seemed to make some friends, and all but one kid are bigger than her (and quite a lot of them can do stuff way above the class description).

I'm so proud of her! She did really well, and is excited to go back. There was one little boy that started crying when they got to the part about jumping into the pool (with help). A separate instructor took him off and calmed him down. I remembered what my first swimming lessons were like, screaming, pulling my moms hair, hysteria. Mostly because my cousin David told me when  he took his first lessons they threw him in the deep end of the pool. Thanks David! But once I realized how fun it was, I never looked back.

Evan starts his soon, and he's really excited. We'll see!