Thursday, May 1, 2014

A boy and his cars

Evan has recently gotten back into his car collection. Which is good, considering he has what feels like thousands. He's pretty specific about them; he wants them to have symbols (meaning he can clearly see if it's a Nissan, Toyota, VW, etc.) He could care less about the matchbox cars that just look like they go fast.

He loves Beetles, Prius', Smart Cars, and above all the Nissan Juke. And he studies every car that we drive by. This is how we know:

      - That someone that works at McDonalds drives a yellow Beetle Bug and they work the morning shift
      - That someone that works at the bank drives a white Nissan Juke, and Evan keeps asking if we can go inside and meet them so they will show us their car
     - That the reverend at the church preschool he attends drives a Blue Prius

At preschool they collected empty boxes, taped them together, and painted them. Some kids made rocket ships, buildings, princess towers, etc.

Evan made a Nissan, complete with hatchback.