Monday, March 11, 2013

Tons of Bathing Suits and a Goodwill Score

It was a beautiful weekend, and since we didn't get slammed by the 'Snowquester', the kids got to run around out in the sun. The ground was a little smooshy, but eh, who cares.

At one point, Zoey busted her lip on the slide. She cried for about 2 seconds, and then started right back up the slide again, tears brimming in her eyes and blood seeping down her chin.

She might just grow up to be a hockey player. :)

Evan had a friend from preschool come over on Saturday evening (he has been waiting forever for her to come and was ridiculously excited), and even though we have about a bazillion toys what do they want to do? Play dress up, with all the clothes in the room. Including Zoey's clothes. He will be forever grateful that I did not take pictures. But poor little Zoey wanted to be in on the fun, and since she can't really dress and undress herself, she resorted to putting her arms through the holes of the clothes and stacking them on her arm. Like 10 bathing suits at a time. :)

She was at it again this morning, so I got a picture.

Notice Evan's swimming trunks on his head.

And on Sunday afternoon we decided to visit the Goodwill in Westminster, it being much larger than our one here at home. I usually don't find anything really that I'm looking for, though Evan usually comes home with a Matchbox car or two and Zoey finds a few Little People. But lo and behold this:

A wooden kid's sized table and chairs, similar to the set we already have, but with nice curved chair seats. The table was $7 and the chairs $3 a piece.


I'm pretty sure our other set cost around $100.


I mean, is that crazy or what? We also got a battery powered Jeep for pretty cheap and a tricycle too. We will definitely visit that one again. I'm still on the search for a small wooden doll cradle for Zoey, but I didn't see any there.

Next time. And also when we go, we will take a bigger vehicle. Without crap in the trunk. And bring some tools.

Just try to imagine what my Passat was like with 3 adults, 2 carseats with kids, a table, two chairs, a stroller, a trike, and a kid sized Jeep. But we made it home, and only with a few tears. :)