Thursday, March 14, 2013

5-minute Magic

Alright this post isn't really what it sounds like. :)


Look what I made in about 5 minutes. Plus a trip to the store for materials, but you may already have them in your home.

Tools: Scissors, some ribbon, a brad, and a hook to hang on (not pictured).

I hung a Command Strip hanger on the wall (I *love* all of their stuff and use it to hang things all over our house). Then I cut a long length of ribbon, found the middle and folded it back on itself, cut a little slit with scissors, and used the brad to hold the two pieces of ribbon together.

Then I snipped the ends in pointed shapes, and added all of Zoey's cute hair clips that we always forget about. And tada!!!!

Though she never keeps them in her hair, but it's nice to display them all the same.

Note: I got the inspiration from Sherri over at Young House Love here though. I love them.