Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winter Hibernation

Back in February I went outside with Evan to play. It was freezing cold but he just couldn't take being cooped up any longer, and to be honest neither of us minds the cold. So as I wandered around the yard, I noticed that there were a lot of glaring reminders that we had obviously hibernated over the winter, completely ignoring the yard and such. Of course, instead of cleaning these things up, I went and got my camera.

(Bear in mind that we also are both working, both going to school, raising a toddler, percolating a new one, and trying to build a custom bathroom in our basement from scratch by ourselves, lest you think that we are just lazy bodies.)

So first we have a Happy Birthday banner.

From Evan's second birthday party.

In September.
Then we have the tiki torches, that I had just recently taken out of the ground from their circle around the brown patch of grass that used to be the pool (at least we remembered to take that down).
Pumpkins, from, well yes, Halloween. Some still have faces drawn on them, others have been mostly eaten by wildlife.


A gigantic tree felled during the snow storm (this still remains, anyone fancy a go with our chainsaw?)
Ah, the ever telling Christmas tree, that made it no farther then the side yard, instead of the woods where it is supposed to dry out so that when we throw it in the hobo barrel to burn it makes a fantastic fireball later in the year.

And finally, some left over reminders of Christmas.

Now I can say that most of these things have since been taken care of.