Saturday, February 19, 2011

What IS that on your face?

Tried and true, the quieter your child is, the more trouble they are likely getting in to.

Last Sunday I was on the computer and Evan (I thought) was playing in the other room. Then he shows up next to me, with black flecky stuff all over his mouth and his hands.

Panic thoughts go like this:

What is that?!
Did you eat something poisonous?
Why are  you smiling?
We don't have plants (because I cannot keep them alive inside) so how did you get dirt?
-I also had a passing thought of some kind of Oreo crust but again, we didn't have any of that.

I take his hand and follow him in to the kitchen. And I find this.

Yes, that's right, Evan opened up a tea bag that I had set out on the counter and ate some of the contents.

The kicker to this story? After I took his picture he proceeded to lick his fingers.