Monday, October 25, 2010

Photo Posts, a Trip to the Beach, Mammoth Waves, and Wonderful Friends

I'm going to try a new way to share photos. Since our lives are infinitely busy, I end up posting albums to our online Picasa account with tons of pictures, of which I have no time to caption, explain, etc. It's all there for those that have the time to peruse. This is clearly evident in our trip to Oregon, in which I posted 744 pictures and virtually no information about our wonderful trip. I'm hoping to get to that soon.

So my goal is to share a few photos here with a little blurb about what the happenings were, and a link to the massive photo posting will follow.


We were invited to spend the Labor Day weekend with friends at their house in Bethany Beach, DE. Yea! So off we went, with way more stuff than 3 adults and a toddler need for 3 days. An important thing to remember for this trip is that Hurricane Earl was currently making his way up the coast as we were making the trek across the Bay Bridge.

After we arrived, we ate some dinner then headed down to the boardwalk in Rehoboth. A carnival appeared, (ironically with ticket prices for at least the little rides WAY less than we pay at home). Evan loves to ride, so with tickets in hand, off we went. When it was over, he kept asking for a popsicle. Well, there are tons of ice cream stands, but none really looked like they had popsicles. Ah, finally, we settled on something called the 'rocket' I think. What a mess........

We ended up having to buy him a new shirt before we started the trek home. He put in a valiant effort, but I don't think he even got to the blue part.

The next day we packed up and hit the beach. Now, I'm a water fan, not a sand fan. This means I prefer to go, swim, walk up and down the beach maybe, and get the heck out. I am always amazed at those that want to just lay on the sand for hours and hours. But I knew Evan would have fun playing in the water and the sand, and it was a beautiful day.

Remember the hurricane? I love to swim in the ocean, and am not afraid of going out beyond the breakers. Except this day, I couldn't get past them. I was just always in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Check it out:

Walter and I waiting for the wave:

 Clearly I appeared to have judged the timing wrong.......
 Do you see us? I don't...........

As you can see here I have admitted defeat. Amazing that I have kept my hat. I attempt another shot later in the afternoon, and get wrung out to dry.

All in all a wonderful day though. Evan loved playing in the sand.

The next day we hit the Pirate themed goofy golf, went swimming in the pool (I survived much better there), and packed up and went home. It was a wonderful weekend, and we are grateful to our friends for bringing us along.

You can see the rest of the pictures here.