Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's go to the Carnival!

About a month ago we decided to take Evan to the local carnival. I figured he would like the music and lights and maybe some yummy carnival food too. I pretty much knew he was too small to actually ride anything but no matter. I did consider that I would like to go on the Ferris Wheel, but Matt is not much of a fan of heights (much less rickety heights) and the thought of being up in the air and having Evan decide he wants out scared me. I needed more than just me.

So we arrived, and saw the cutest baby in a cowboy hat ever (we live out in the country if you can't tell). Just adorable.

So I bought tickets to get on the carousel, at least I could go on with him. And then we saw the kid's train. And I wondered if he could do it by himself. We gave it a shot, and put him in the first car so that he would have a steering wheel, and there was another kid with him. To our surprise, he loved it!!

After that, all bets were off. Peggy ran off an bought a book of 20 tickets (should have gotten the bracelet in the first place I guess) and we were off to find rides he could get on. Note he doesn't look very happy in any of them, but he was concentrating on driving and did not want to get off of any.

Evan wanted to drive as many cars as possible

In the end it was a wonderful night. And we donated money to a local fire department that helps to keep our community safe. As we packed up in the car, complete with stuffed animals won and balloons received, there was just a little bit of crying. He did not want to leave for sure. :)