Monday, July 13, 2015

One day left!

As of last night at 11:38 pm, the New Horizons spacecraft was exactly 1,000,000 miles from Pluto. So between that time and tomorrow morning at 7:30 am it will have closed that gap. That's fast people. Phew! Slow down already!

The most recent LORRI image from July 11th, amazing.

Also, Pluto and Charon together from a few days ago. :)

Also, here is a link to a great article from the Washington Post about our anomaly and the success of our recovery. This was in the print paper and I was named in one of the photos (make sure to click through the collection of pictures about APL).

Finally, here's an events update:

First the updated link for NASA television events,  you can also watch NASA TV online if you don't have the NASA channel.

But mostly, here's the short, fun version.

Tuesday morning at 7:50 am, the actual Pluto closest approach. We'll be watching a clock countdown to zero here at APL, and will be broadcast live. This will also have a NASA release of the most recent Pluto image, and I'm sure it's going to be amazing.

Tuesday night at 8:50 pm (full broadcast from 6:30 to 9 pm with interviews and stuff). First 'phone-home' from the spacecraft after the closest approach. We will have telemetry for about 15 minutes but no pictures. This will definitely have live-streaming of us in the MOC. Very exciting.

Wednesday some time: the closest-closest picture of Pluto will be released at some point. Looks like there will be a live media briefing at 3 pm.

On to Pluto!!