Monday, June 22, 2015

3 weeks, and one planet to go

Three weeks to go!!!! Check out the short video below, it's a quick glimpse at how far we've come since our first planetary trip (Venus) in 1962. 

And the pictures keep increasing in resolution, I should have more soon.

Here's one from June 21st of Pluto and Charon from the LORRI camera, it was the most recent one I saw on I know it still looks so fuzzy but you just can't believe how exciting this is given the 4 or 5 pixel pictures we had for so long.

And finally, if you have time please check out this video called "The Year of Pluto". It's an hour long so you need some time but it talks about all aspects of the mission. If you want to see me in particular, I'm at 26:00, 27:10, 28:50 and minutes 40 to 43-ish (not that I was taking notes). Apparently though I do all kind of engineering at my job, I'm only good on camera for taking care of our hibernation bear and eating cake. Famous!

Up on the next blog, information on how YOU can participate in closest approach. It involves something called a "Plutopalooza".  Stay tuned.