Friday, March 20, 2015

Slowing Down in the midst of a Speed Up

Life is moving so fast, and sometimes I want it to go faster, and then sometimes I am desperate for it to slow down. Because MommyShorts is so much more eloquent than I, please click here to see what I mean.

One of the things I cherish right now is that Evan gets off the bus and we have about an hour together before we get Zoey from preschool. Lest you think I should pick her up right then, she *loves* the afternoon at her preschool and the time on the playground with her friends and doesn't want me to come early. Also, we pay good money for that playground time. :)

But for Evan and I, it's relaxing. He tells me about his day (a little begrudgingly but isn't that how it works?). Sometimes he plays with a friend down the street, but usually it's just us. And I know that won't last for long so I enjoy it.

Moving on to what's happening!!

On having family too far away:

Evan says "I miss that little girl".

"What little girl?"


Later he mentions that he only has cousins that live far away. Sigh

On how Spring is drunk:

Today is the first day of spring, and this is how we greeted it. Clearly Zoey is pulling out her gangsta face again; this is a new phenomena with her. Usually it is accompanied with crossed arms as well.

This week in the two months since I last blogged in Space:

Another spacecraft here at my work successfully delayed it's dramatic splat onto the surface of Mercury for a little while longer. MESSENGER celebrated 4 years in orbit and is currently preparing to mouse fart out the gas it has left to keep it afloat until late April.

But most excitedly, New Horizons is almost there! As of now, the spacecraft is closer to Pluto than the Earth is to the Sun (for more info click here). We recently used our long-range camera to get pictures of Pluto and it's largest moon Charon. Though it doesn't look like much it was really exciting to actually be able to see it!

Later, LORRI also captured these images of two of Pluto's other moons, Nix and Hydra (discovered through Hubble images in 2005):

That's all for now, only a few months to go!