Monday, October 8, 2012

Fountain Hair Dreams are Dashed

Even before we knew we were having a second child, and way before we knew she was a she, we always marveled at the tiny girls we would see with the fountain hair. And we couldn't wait to have one!

So Zoey was born, and her wispy hair finally grew some and voila!

I mean isn't that awesome? Except, it usually lasts for about 10 minutes, then it flops over, and then she pulls it out. Her hair is just too fine. So most of the time she had bangs way down in her eyes, full of dirt and food and boogers and who knows what. They did look good swooshed to the side, but Zoey wouldn't keep up with the swooshing.

Eventually my mother in law was right (dang it!), she needed to get her bangs cut. Which led us to here:

And literally three snips later to here:

So whoohooo for better looking hair.
Dammit for useless fountain pigtails.