Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

Recently, I was reading a blog where the writer was recalling those little things from her childhood that her mother did that she remembered with fondness, and how she wanted to pass those on to her daughter. Mother's Day is tomorrow, and I'm sure that we all can think of some reminders as well.

My mom packed our lunches most days. And sometimes the snack she would make for me was Stone Wheat Thins crackers covered with cream cheese and strawberry jam on top. When I saw those in there, I definitely ate them on the way to school every single time. They never saw the inside of Oakville Elementary I can tell you that. And still they are one of my favorite crackers, and Evan's too. Course now I usually make them with melted cheddar, and Evan grabs one right away, sticking his finger in the cheese to see if it's too hot to eat.

I remember that I loved when she made pancakes because she made smiley face pancakes, and I might remember that she made a little person one too. This also reminds me that she told me that when she was young, her mother told her that when you went to heaven you could have anything you wanted, and as a little girl my mother said that she wanted all-you-could-eat pancakes.

At one point we had a little above ground pool set up in our driveway (at the time it was probably the only flat place we had). I was probably six, and I remember my mom, who was always constantly gardening, brought a little plant over to me while I was in the pool. It was a lemon plant, and she gave me a little talk about what it was, and how it was okay to eat, and that it tasted like lemon. And it did.

I thought it was so cool that she had this lemon plant that we could eat, and that she knew so much about it, and took the time to present it to me like I was a customer and she was the shopkeeper. So I asked her to go away, come back, and give me the whole speech again. And she did. :)

And of most importance to a young girl: my mom allowed me to own not one, but FIVE ponies that we stabled at our house over the years. My dad helped, and put up the electric fence where we told him, and bought the hay and feed that we told him, and built the barn where we told him*, but she was the one that had the knowledge and the willingness to help me learn to care for them. There is nothing better than having your own horse, and I miss it now. Someday I hope to be able to do the same for my children too.

*not to discount my dad, he was so helpful when all those ponies showed up, but he knew zilch about horses and would have never been able to do it on his own*

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mom. I know I won't see you tomorrow but you know that I'll be thinking of you and believing for a beautiful day.

I love you!!
My grandmother, aunt Stephanie, my mom (I love the hair), aunt Cee Cee, and aunt Maggie (?)

Me and my parents, at a hippie yard sale

Whew my hair was terrible.