Friday, September 23, 2011

A Brother's Love

Lots of changes happening. Evan just turned 3 on Friday, and Tuesday Zoey turned 4 months old. I took them both to the doctor for their checkups.

   Note: remind me not to do this again because it was so hectic that I forgot to ask half of the questions I wanted to, about food and teething and such. And why if you know you are a pediatrician's office do you have a bunch of instruments out on a table at toddler eye-level that they are not supposed to touch and nothing else for them to play with?

Both kids passed with flying colors, thankfully. However, Zoey was scheduled for 3 (!) shots and Evan needed a flu shot.

Zoey started to get her shots, of course they hurt, and she screamed appropriately. After the first one I looked at Evan and could see his serious concern, and when the nurse went to give the second shot, he actually put his hand out and hovered it close to the needle. He knew whatever was happening was hurting her, and he wanted to stop it, but wasn't sure if he should. It was the sweetest thing for her I've ever seen him do. 

   Note: do NOT listen to the doctor when she says to do the baby's shots first because the older one will probably need more consoling. Have these people not done this before?

After shot number three, Zoey was screaming and Evan was also full-blown crying, tears streaming down both of their faces. The doctor appeared and asked if they were done (!). She took the baby and consoled her, and I pinned Evan down in my lap so he could get his flu shot. He was so scared and crying and shaking when it was actually done.

Pretty bad when I'm in tears by the end of the appointment. And who wants to tell Evan that we need to get his blood drawn because they need to test for lead because our house was built before 1960? Not this mom.

So I am proud of my little boy and I know that he will be an amazing older brother to our little girl. The other day he asked if he could hold her, I grabbed the camera.