Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She has arrived!

I have a daughter.

Wow. After almost a month of her being in my life, it still sounds weird. Great, but weird. For some reason I just thought this was going to be a boy. Probably because the 3D picture looked so much like Evan. So, presenting the girls of the Bucior family of (the nearly famous because of this movie) Panorama Drive..........

This beautiful picture is with many thanks to Meagan Hahn, please check out her photography site, she did an absolutely wonderful job.

A couple of notes about the days surrounding the birth of this baby.

  • After my last post at 11 pm the night before the birth, Matt finished up his exam at 1:30 am (!) and then we sat down to pick baby names. Settled on a boy name, but still had 6 different combos for a girl. Oh well, that was more progress then we had made in a month, so off to bed we went. 
  • Matt had reheated pizza at 5:30 am for breakfast, this is now a tradition to do before any child's birth apparently.
  • Arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am, ready to head to OR at 7:50.
  • Once in the OR, learned that we were delayed almost 2 hours because apparently ONE BAZILLION babies insisted on being born at the same time, and there are only so many docs to go around.
  • My anesthesiologist was very nice, but ummm, she had the shakes. Really? However I noticed the shakes were only in her head region, not her hands, and that seemed the most important. :)
  • All went well, though the doctor liked to tease us because he announced shortly after plucking her from my belly, "It's a baby!"
  • When they said it was a girl, I cried. (Not to say that I wouldn't have cried when Evan was born, but I was way more drugged up that time. I didn't even know they had started the surgery until they popped a baby up in the air.)
The most exciting part of the day was when Evan came in the room. He was so excited. He even had a pink stuffed bunny to give to her. And even now, he loves her so much. When he kisses her, he is very gentle. He learned her name immediately (once we actually picked it) and will tell anyone about her. 

I am beyond grateful to God that our family is happy and healthy. I know our lives are so busy right now, but I couldn't be happier.

(Oh, and I had to change the title of the blog. Kind of sounds like a pair of super heroes, huh?)