Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My own little pieces of randomness

Thanks to citymouse, I was inspired to add my own pieces of randomness.

  • The wedding weekend was very fun but tiring. I laid in bed with Evan this morning, neither of us wanting to get up. He had his head on my chest, and while I rubbed his back, he rubbed my belly. What a wonderful way to start the morning.

  • Evan has a very cool tie shirt that my friend Jen made him. Complete with a hockey themed tie of course. Check it out, she makes them to order if you think your child is just dying to have one.

  •  The other day Evan wanted to go outside on his tricycle. Complete with Lightning McQueen helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. Those are thanks to cousin Griff who passed them down, with healthy scrapes in them already. Glad to know they are broken in. Evan enjoys putting all the pads on, but it doesn't usually last very long.

      That's all for now, I'm getting frustrated with this blogger cause I can't get everything to sit where I want it to. Drat.